Our Story

Similar to many other companies that start either in a college dorm room or garage, our story started in a college dorm room and progressed into a “garage”. One night in college, one of our co-founders, Kaleb Steinhauer, was talking with his college roommate about life and business when the idea was born: “Why are we not 3D printing a house?”


Although research through the years progressed slowly, Kaleb did not pursue this idea immediately, but attended law school and worked for a venture capital firm upon graduation. The idea did not come to fruition until two other co-founders, Casey Roberts and Dan Holman, met Kaleb one warm summer night at Chipotle.


Dan, having a degree in mechanical engineering and working in the oil and gas industry, was the perfect fit to take over the structural and mechanical side of the business. Casey, having a degree in chemistry and working in the oil and gas industry, was the perfect fit to take over the materials side of the business. The final co-founder, Ben Steinhauer, worked as a software engineer for UBS and JP Morgan, and was the missing piece to develop the software component for the business. Together, they researched and discussed the best way to 3D print a house. After much time invested researching and analyzing the market, the team filed the papers to form a company. Genesis Dimensions was born.


The co-founders quickly realized that the team was not yet complete. In order for Genesis Dimensions to be successful, someone had to manage the robotics part of the business. Through family and friend connections, the co-founders were introduced to Eric Compton, who agreed to join the team.


Eric has extensive and diverse experience in robotics and automation. Having worked in the industrial automation and robotics world for over 15 years, he has built and installed entire robotic and automation systems in large industrial factories.


Since the engineering part of the business was in good hands, the team focused on another important aspect of business: law. Next to join the team was a General Counsel who holds 6 graduate degrees in fields related to law and business, and has worked for some of the largest law firms in the world, including Greenberg Traurig, King & Spalding, and Bracewell & Giuliani. He also served as in-house corporate counsel for a global chemical company.


The rapid growth of Genesis Dimensions and demand from the market quickly forced the management team to consider the addition of a CFO to address operational and fundraising needs. As a result, Rob Malone, who has been friends with Kaleb and Ben for over a decade, joined the team.


Rob held roles at Ernst & Young and HP, prior to becoming CFO of Cisco Services. He brings a vast amount of experience from the financial world to the table having managed $11 billion in his prior roles.


This team together forms a promising future in the realization of Genesis Dimensions’ vision.

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Original G3D Logo

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New G3D Logo

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