We Automate Manufacturing and Construction Using 3D Printing & Robotics

Our Technology

Large-Scale 3D Printing

Genesis Dimensions introduces a new way of building structures. We automate construction using large-scale 3D printing, robotics and green materials.


Utilizing robotics to construct layer-by-layer walls and ceilings we create a far stronger, safer, economical, faster and environmentally sustainable solution to construction. With this technology, we 3D print homes, warehouses and buildings on site while guaranteeing accuracy.


Our proprietary software takes an architectural blueprint held in a CAD file into the cloud and runs additive as well as subtractive manufacturing algorithms to create a time and material optimized robotic path. This robotic code constructs buildings autonomously and with precision in any shape or form desired in a short period of time.


Genesis Dimensions builds structures using its proprietary and environmentally friendly materials at high quality, speed, and lower costs. Unlike other 3D printing construction companies, Genesis Dimensions does not rely solely on concrete for construction. We robotically print proprietary, regulatory-approved, and environmentally friendly materials that act as insulation and structural components. This enables Genesis Dimensions to construct highly energy efficient and durable buildings.
Our robot can work continuously night and day until your building is completed.

Our Services

Panelized Construction

Traditionally, a wall panel consisted of a stud wall and outer sheathing that was constructed and then transported to the worksite. Genesis Dimensions has been working with industry partners to take panelized construction one step further by insulating wall panels prior to shipment.  We have developed a turn-key panel insulation system that is capable of precisely applying closed cell foam insulation into the wall cavity during the manufacturing process.  Due to the R values possible with the polyurethane foam as opposed to traditional fiberglass insulation, less insulation is needed to meet building codes and leaves plenty of room for installation of plumbing and electrical once the wall panels are installed on-site. Due to early installation, builders can quickly realize the benefits and cost savings of pre-insulating wall panels due to less waste and superior performance.


In a traditional precast setting, objects are built by hand. They are constructed using a wood or metal form and pouring concrete into a mold to form the desired object. These methods are dependent upon skilled labor, which limits the utilization time of an average architectural precast line to 25% or less. Genesis Dimensions is revolutionizing the precast process with macro 3D printing. Through our proprietary software and robotics suite, precasters are now able to translate a CAD model into a usable form. Our proprietary materials create robust and reusable forms to increase the bottom line. With our robotic solution, you are able to 3D print forms, reducing the time to completion of your end product.


Genesis Dimensions is building the technology for a scalable automation platform for the construction industry. With this technology we are able to offer an automated construction service.

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